Will Chinese prospects find me on Google and Bing?

The leading search engine in China is Baidu, and SEO for Baidu works differently. If you have not optimized your website for Baidu searches, your organic search traffic from China will be minimal.

What is the simplest way to rank on Baidu?

Publish quality content on Baidu properties such as Baike, Zhidao, and Tieba, and link to your website.

Does language matter for Baidu ranking?

Yes. The search engine has a preference for simplified Chinese.

How do I know if my website is blocked in China?

Just go to https://greatfire.org/analyzer and enter your URL. You will be given a calendar showing days in the recent past in which this domain was blocked in the PRC.

Does Facebook marketing work in China?

Mostly, no. Facebook is usually blocked in the PRC, and Chinese users have to go to great lengths to get around the firewall. (However, Facebook marketing is great for Hong Kong and Taiwan!)

Do I need to host a website on a server in China?

Simply put, this does often help with SEO. However, as long as you can maintain high speeds, it may not be necessary.

Can a non-Chinese company run ads on Baidu?

While it is possible for a foreign company to do this, there are some legal barriers that make it difficult. You will have to go through a reseller, and you will need to organize your company as an entity in the PRC. A simpler approach would be to market through KOLs (key opinion leaders…also known as influencers).

Is social media marketing different in China?

Yes! Instead of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, Chinese consumers use services such as WeChat, Weibo, and Youku/Tudou.

How effective is email marketing in China?

Not as effective as elsewhere. Chinese users are even more accustomed to ignoring messages. Many marketers find WeChat outreach more effective.

Is digital marketing in the PRC different from Hong Kong and Taiwan?

Yes! Most of the special characteristics of digital marketing in the PRC do not apply to Hong Kong and Taiwan. For example, Western services such as Google and Facebook are very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan, though many people in these places use Chinese services as well.