As someone who helps coaches, consultants, and course creators to scale their businesses with ad campaigns, I have been looking for a book to help my clients and prospects to get a grasp of the sheer potential of what they can achieve as well as gain a clear vision of how to do that, and The Expert Called You by Jeanine Blackwell does exactly that.

In her book, Blackwell outlines her Expert Experience Method. This is her tested method that she and her students use to establish themselves as experts. And why establish yourself as an expert? Because, as Blackwell indicates in her book, there is now a largely Internet-based “expert economy” worth $300 billion.

Some of the bits of wisdom Blackwell shares in her book are a bit contrarian relative to what many marketing folks will tell you today, and that is by design. However, with her track record of success in building expert-based businesses, it’s hard to argue that she is wrong. These bits of wisdom include:

  • Focusing on quantity in course content won’t get you anywhere. Too many courses try to overload students with “value,” only to find that most students don’t even finish the course because most of the content is irrelevant or uninteresting to them.
  • Don’t merely sell your time. Many coaches, consultants, and course creators get stuck in the one-to-one business model, offering only that. They may end up fully booked, but at that point, they can’t grow any more. Offer creation should revolve around this.
  • Too many coaches don’t use their resources wisely. You have time, energy, and money. One of these is finite and tied to your person. The other two are not: you can get more of them from other people.
  • A single power move can revolutionize your business. This move may be something like creating a one-to-many offer or automating an aspect of your business to generate cashflow on autopilot.

In her book, Blackwell shares the stories of some of her clients. These include:

  • Kim Moore, a former hair stylist who know decided to teach others some of the key lessons she has learned in her professional life and now makes multiples of what she did before.
  • Rebecca Branstetter, a former school psychologist who now mentors psychologists.
  • Christine Carr, a former trade commissioner for the Canadian Consulate in Boston who now helps entrepreneurs launch their businesses.
  • Tracy Sher, a former physician, now turned pelvic health guru.
  • Jackie Black, a doctor who now coaches people with life-threatening and chronic illness and their families.
  • Zaretta Hammond, a former classroom teacher who now teaches people how to make education equitable for disadvantaged students.
  • Nancy Hillis, a psychiatrist-turned-artist who now guides artists in expressing their deepest, most authentic thoughts and feelings.
  • Maia Toll, a former preschool teacher who now teaches herbalism.

Jeanine Blackwell has been around and has helped hungry professionals from many different backgrounds. Her clients build their online businesses by leveraging their expertise against technology and proven systems to expand their reach and help greater numbers of people. In The Expert Called You, she walks the reader through the six steps of her Expert Experience Method™, which, if followed, will turn a busy one-on-one solopreneur operation into a thriving business with seemingly unlimited growth potential.

If you have valuable expertise and you are looking for a way to make money from it…or if you have an expert-based business that is doing well but exhausting you with its simple trade of time for money…you need to read The Expert Called You. It will teach you the fundamentals you need to know to package your expertise, structure your business around it, and significantly expand your market presence, your influence, and your revenue.

You need to read this book.